More and more it is looking like the 26 year old Jason Pierre-Paul will suit up in blue and white next year for the New York Giants. Adam Schefter reports that the Giants will use the franchise tag on the defensive end if the two sides cannot reach a long term agreement by March 2nd.

Jason Pierre-Paul (JPP) has accomplished a lot in his short tenure in the league. Along with being elected to the Pro Bowl twice, JPP has also won NFC player of the week twice and a NFC player of the month (December 2011). Along with these accolades, the star defensive end helped the Giants triumph against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

There’s no doubt this move is to keep the already depleted defensive line the Giants have from being completely demolished. The team has long had the philosophy that emphasizes getting to the quarterback to win championships. This strategy has proven true as the last two titles the Giants won in recent memory has been possible due to the team being able to get to the quarterback.

Since the 2007-2008 season where the Giants defeated the ALMOST undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants slowly lost their great defensive line players. The team lost players on their line from Michael Strahan to Osi Umenyiora to Justin Tuck, and the Giants don’t want Pierre-Paul to be next. The Giants are not a team that builds through free agency but, a team that builds through the draft and keeps their players until they retire.

JPP no doubt is a special kind of player that only comes along once every couple of years. Even though the cost to franchise tag JPP is roughly $15 million, the Giants would do this to buy time to ultimately reach a long-term deal with the defensive end. The Giants are also working on contract extensions with Eli Manning’s contract and Prince Amukamara’s as well. The extension to those contracts would likely give the Giants a huge amount of cap flexibility as free agency edge’s closer and closer.

Welcome to free agency boys and girls!

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