Q&A – 7/13/15

Q&A – 7/13/15

By Adam

Question from Daniel Hogan:

“How do you think the Giants will perform with their current O-Line?”


Very interesting question. The Giants O-Line is not even close to being perfect but, it is heading in the right direction. The Giants first round pick, Ereck Flowers, will probably have to step in at LT after LT Will Beatty tore his pectoral muscle this spring. Anytime you have a rookie in your starting squad, there will be a ton of ups and downs. Luckly, Pugh will get to start at RT heading into his third year in the league. The third year in the league is where most players tend to make their biggest improvement, so there’s a lot to look forward to with Pugh.

Now we get into the messy situation that I believe will handicap the Giants for the first half of the season. The projected starting guards and center are, Weston Richburg at center, John Jerry at LG, and Geoff Schwartz at RG. Schwartz has played less than six quarters of football for the Giants. Schwartz broke his ankle week 2 last year after signing with the team in the 2014 offseason.

John Jerry played pretty well last season after being moved to RG in the starting lineup after Schwartz went down, so there’s not much to worry about there. Is he the greatest lineman to ever live? No, but he can get the job done. There should not be many worries there. I also like how Richburg played last season. The only issue with Richburg is it takes time for a center and a QB to get chemistry and it may take longer than Giants fans are hoping for.

The biggest thing I am scared about for this O-Line is the chemistry, or lack there of. This line has never played together at the positions they played, and that’s scary with a line that is on the young side. I think the pieces are there to have a very strong line, but I don’t see them clicking until later in the season. The success of the team always falls on the Offensive and Defensive lines, whether they get credit for it, or not. Hey, their line can only improve from last years line…. Giants 2014 line

Question from John Keating:

“Do you think they will get rid of Coughlin if they don’t make it to playoffs/Superbowl?”


The Giants might as well buy a nice thrown for Coughlin at this point, he is not going anywhere. He is the king of NY and even if the Giants don’t make the playoffs, I would think Coughlin would walk away from the team before the Giants want to get rid of him. Any case, I would say there’s a 95% chance Coughlin is the Giants coach next season if he still wishes to continue coaching.

Even if the Giants wanted to get rid of Coughlin, they would look at the picture of when he hugged Flavor Flav, respect his street cred, and sign him as coach for life.

Question from @Giantsfan459 on Twitter:

“What is your sense of the die hard Giants fan toward JPP? Personaly I feel he’s an immature baby…will fans boo or cheer him?”


Ah, JPP. JPP has went from hero to zero in about a day to Giants fans. If you see on my page, I made a few memes about the “situation” JPP is in….JPP Contract Meme

Giants fans will not boo him, the organization from top to bottom and the fans are too classy to boo their star defensive player. He does deserved to be booed from the way he handled everything this offseason and how he did not let the Giants doctors see him when he was in the hospital. If you are in your six season in the NFL, you need to grow up. I hate to say it but, I don’t see this guy being a Giant for much longer unless he starts maturing, quickly.

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