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Why Adrian Peterson Is Not Worth A First Round Pick

Adrian Peterson- Getty Images

Adrian Peterson- Getty Images

By: Adam Cohen

This fantasy season many are buying into Vikings RB Adrian Peterson making a comeback as Fantasy Football’s top running back. A player that some hope to lead their team to victory in their Fantasy league. Peterson, now 30 years of age, is almost old enough to get half price meals at the local diner in the world of NFL running backs. 30, if you could not tell by my unusual humor, is old for an NFL running back. Many believe that Peterson is a monster and his body can defy and deny anything father time throws at him, but sadly, every good story must come to an end. I am about to tell you why you should not even consider drafting Adrian Peterson in the first round.

Peterson’s Past

Let’s go back to Peterson’s golden ages, when he FULL STORY HERE: (Click Here)

Safe and Sound: Rounds 1-2 Fantasy Advice


By: Adam Cohen

It’s the first round of your 2015 fantasy league draft. You and your friends are sitting around a table, all holding  a sheet of paper with players names on it you have never heard of before. You think you are safe making a pick in the first round because hey, you know all the players! It is your turn to pick now, you want to go with the STUD running back that everyone is talking about, but is it really the best option? Do you really know this player?

The first round is about as huge as it comes in Fantasy drafts. ESPN’s Fantasy Analyst, Matthew Berry, concluded that your first two players selected in your draft are about 30.5%


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