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Safe and Sound: Rounds 1-2 Fantasy Advice!


Photo Credit: sconniesportstalk.com

By: Adam Cohen

It’s the first round of your 2015 fantasy league draft. You and your friends are sitting around a table, all holding  a sheet of paper with players names on it you have never heard of before. You think you are safe making a pick in the first round because hey, you know all the players! It is your turn to pick now, you want to go with the STUD running back that everyone is talking about, but is it really the best option? Do you really know this player?

The first round is about as huge as it comes in Fantasy drafts. ESPN’s Fantasy Analyst, Matthew Berry, concluded that your first two players selected in your draft are about 30.5% Continue reading

Bad Comedian Eli Manning

Check out our star QB, Eli Manning, star in Direct TVs new commercial “Bad Comedian Eli Manning”. The commercial plays on the Rob Lowe Direct TV commercial as there is a normal Eli Manning that buys ‘Sunday Ticket’ and bad comedian Eli Manning does whom of which does not.

Watch the commercial here! –> Continue reading

Meet Your New Giant: Jeromy Miles

Jeromy Miles

The 27 year old, 6-foot-2, 211 pound safety, Jeromy Miles came out of college as a undrafted free agent in 2010. Miles was later signed by the Cincinnati shortly after the draft and later cut on September 4th of the same year. The following day, Miles was then signed to the team’s practice squad and was then promoted to the active roster on November 24, 2010. Continue reading

Q&A – 7/13/15

Q&A – 7/13/15

By Adam

Question from Daniel Hogan:

“How do you think the Giants will perform with their current O-Line?”


Very interesting question. The Giants O-Line is not even close to being perfect but, it is heading in the right direction. The Giants first round pick, Continue reading




There is a report that the New York Giants have shown “serious interest” in signing the former New England running back, Shane Vereen.

The Giants running game needs some improvement. Continue reading